Our Mission

To help those of us in busy households lead happier lives by providing them with convenience and peace of mind. We do this by empowering them with the ability to interact with the symphony of sounds that surround us, without needing to be physically present.

Every sound is unique... and our AI knows it

We use our unique patent pending AI technology to accurately identify and recognise an expansive and ever-growing catalogue of sounds, all using one device. What’s more, our innovative AI is designed to learn and evolve, redefining smart in smart home monitoring.

The team building your third ear

Prad Thiruvenkatanathan


Guy Spyropoulos

EARZZ Product Lead

Anindya Moitra

Lead Data Scientist, EARZZ

John Straw

Board Advisor, EARZZ


The idea for EARZZ was born when founder Prad, noticed there was no product in the market that could let him listen and recognise different sounds around the home. He was using nine different monitors to listen for different sounds at home - a baby monitor to listen to the sound of his baby boy crying, a smart door bell to get notified when visitors rang the door bell, a pet monitor for the cat, a smart fire alarm, smart glass break monitor, which is when the idea struck..."What if we could have one device that could do all of this". After months of careful product research, it became clear that this was something many parents, pet owners and people who were hard of hearing had been wanting for years.

We are now getting set to release our first products that let users listen for any sounds that they choose, anywhere at home - all using devices nearly as small as ping pong balls!

We want a world where anyone can hear any sounds they want, without needing to be physically present