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Alerts on iOS & Android connected phones, tabs, and smartwatches

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The EARZZ device should not be relied upon as a safety device or in circumstances where there may be safety risks

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Plan Benefits

Everything you get when you purchase a single monitor plus

First EARZZ Goes FREE!

As a member of the EARZZ Club, you get your first EARZZ Monitor absolutely free!

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33% OFF Additional Monitors

Get a whopping 33% off additional Earzz Monitors! Priced at £79.99, just for YOU!

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Earzz Product Disclaimer

PLEASE NOTE: There are limitations on what Earzz can and cannot do and should not be relied on in circumstances where there are safety risks or concerns. Earzz devices should NOT be relied upon in circumstances where you may be harmed or injured, in high-risk or emergencies. Please see the user manual for full details, but note in particular:- The Earzz device won’t work if it is inappropriately used, for example, if the microphone is blocked, if it is used in a noisy environment, or if it has been damaged. - The Earzz device is a new product, and we are continually improving its listening ability and recognition of sounds. The device updates automatically to reflect this. But, you agree that it may not always be accurate or reliable and may not always correctly classify a sound.


How does Earzz work?

Is Earzz easy to install?

Yes, Earzz is designed for easy installation and can be set up in minutes using our step-by-step guide. Please go to

How do I customise my notification settings for my Earzz device?

Tap the "Edit device Settings" button to take you into device settings, and select the "edit notification preferences" option to configure the devices you wish to be notified on. You may also pause all notifications or delete devices you no longer wish to be notified on.

How many sounds can my Earzz device listen for?

Currently, you can listen for up to six sounds at the same time.

How many connected devices can I get notified on?

As the first release of the product, you can connect up to six (6) devices at any time to get notified for recognised sounds including mobile phones, smart watches and tablet devices.