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AI-Powered Acoustic Monitor


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Cutting-edge sound recognition AI-powered alerting for better night time care
Fully customisable sound selection
Expansive catalogue of 20+ sounds to choose from
Customisable push notifications - Vibration, auditory and visual alerts to carers
Weekly delivery of carer attendance records
Automated digital records delivery - weekly delivery of all sound event logs to dedicated account email
Multi-carer alerting: Alerts delivered to up to 25 carers or service users per account
Carer attendance registration - In-App
Access to new sounds without needing to upgrade monitors
In-app digital event records for easier staff handover
Alerts on iOS & Android connected phones, tabs, and smartwatches
Routine - Carers can set a time interval when they want to get alerted for specific sounds. Ideal for night time monitoring.
Filtered views of sound events - Ability to quickly view digital records of sounds events - per monitor
Movement noise detection - To identify and alert for restlessness in residents' rooms
Smart automations ( through IFTTT ) - e.g.: movement noise —> turn on light


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A minimum of 5 monitors is required.
A maximum of 40 monitors is allowed.

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PLEASE NOTE: The cost above doesn't include implementation fee and optional training fee.

Reducing chances of falls

EARZZ recognises and alerts for sounds that help identify and reduce chances of falls at night when carers are not in the room:

- Movement noise

- Knocks

- Thuds

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Identifying worsening health

Earzz sound logging functionality. Earzz keeps a record of the sounds within the sound log screen in app that carers, the residents can access:

Make proactive, preventative interventions by identifying otherwise unseen signs and patterns through sounds with:

Gasping - Launching soon
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Fully customisable sound selection for better person-centred care

Carers can choose / change sounds through the mobile app

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In-app digital event records for easier staff handover

EARZZ keeps a record of sounds identified in the Earzz app enabling easier staff handover

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Set up Routine night time alerting -

Designed for better night time care. Carers can set a time interval when they want to get alerts for every resident individually offering personalised care.

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With movement noise detection

Carers can enable movement detection to get alerted for movement noise in residents' rooms as part of routine

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Fully customisable alerting

Carers can choose who gets notified, how, when and for what sounds they wish to be alerted for. All through the Earzz app

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Privacy as a priority

Earzz's patent pending AI means, it is always listening for the sounds that matter AND NOT SPEECH, offering privacy and peace of mind. Earzz does not hold any audio recordings.

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Carer Attendance

Know when carers attend to residents

A first tap on the flag turns it orange, signifying that a carer is currently attending to the resident.
A second tap on the flag changes it to green, indicating that the resident has been attended to.
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Earzz Product Disclaimer

PLEASE NOTE: There are limitations on what Earzz can and cannot do and should not be relied on in circumstances where there are safety risks or concerns. Earzz devices should NOT be relied upon in circumstances where you may be harmed or injured, in high-risk or emergencies. Please see the user manual for full details, but note in particular:- The Earzz device won’t work if it is inappropriately used, for example, if the microphone is blocked, if it is used in a noisy environment, or if it has been damaged. - The Earzz device is a new product, and we are continually improving its listening ability and recognition of sounds. The device updates automatically to reflect this. But, you agree that it may not always be accurate or reliable and may not always correctly classify a sound.