Earzz Smart Home Monitor

Listen for sounds at home with Earzz. Configure your Earzz device to monitor any sounds you wish using the Earzz App and get instant notifications on your smartphone, tablets and watches.

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Testimonial1: When your hearing gets worse, Earzz supports you in your daily life

Product Features

Discover the incredible features of Earzz - From intelligent sound recognition to customisable notification settings, Earzz is designed to offer convenience and peace of mind!

Get notified for the sounds you want

With Earzz, you are in complete control. You can handpick up to six of the most significant sounds anytime and determine how and when you wish to receive alerts, creating tailored notifications based on your home's unique needs.

Keep track of all sounds that matter

Stay informed and organised with Earzz's multi-sound notification feature, choose different sounds for different devices based on their scenes and needs, and get notified for them all. What's more, you can keep track of notifications with sound logging.

Expansive and ever growing library of sounds to choose from

Earzz offers an extensive selection of over 15 crucial sounds that are commonly encountered at home. Whether it's a knock at the door, a crying baby, you can choose the sounds that matter most to you and create a personalised notifications. See the full list of sounds that Earzz recognises today here.

Man reading Earzz appliance beep notification on his smartwatch

Privacy as a priority

Earzz AI Algorithms recognise just sounds, NOT SPEECH. Our technology is also designed not to store audio recordings -Offering privacy and peace of mind.

Get notified on the go!

Stay connected wherever you are with Earzz's innovative notification system, receive real-time alerts and notifications directly to your connected watches, tablets and phones - so you don't miss the sounds that matter!

Earzz appliance beep notification

Multi-device connectivity

Connect multiple Earzz devices on to the same account and configure them all with your Earzz app.

Patent pending Sound recognition AI technology designed to evolve

No sound recognition AI can be perfectly accurate in every setting and Earzz AI is no exception. Which is why Earzz comes with our patent pending sound recognition AI with purpose designed cloud infrastructure that is updated routinely based on your feedback - to get as accurate as possible in recognising your specific sounds at home.

Notification frequency control

You choose which sounds, how and when Earzz alerts you for. You can also choose how frequently you get notified for each of your Earzz devices with granular notification control.

Device Specs

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Power and Hardware Connectivity

*Built‑in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery for temporary cable less operation (8hours average battery - Battery life varies with use & other factors.)
*Charging via USB-C
*2.4GHz WiFi for device operation
*Bluetooth 4.2 for device pairing
WiFi-access required for device operation

Earzz App

*Access to the Earzz app
*Smartphone compatibility (Smartphones running iOS 13 or later, Android 5 or later)
*Notifications - delivered through push notifications on smartphones, tablets running the Earzz app and connected smartwatches


For use in indoor environments only, with:
Operating Temperature: 0°C~40°C (32°F~104°F)
Storage Temperature: -10°C~60°C (14°F~140°F)
Operating Humidity: 30%-90%

In The Box

1 x Earzz device
1 x USB-C charging cable


How does Earzz work?

Is Earzz easy to install?

Yes, Earzz is designed for easy installation and can be set up in minutes using our step-by-step guide. Please go to earzz.com/how-to

How do I customise my notification settings for my Earzz device?

Tap the "Edit device Settings" button to take you into device settings, and select the "edit notification preferences" option to configure the devices you wish to be notified on. You may also pause all notifications or delete devices you no longer wish to be notified on.

How many sounds can my Earzz device listen for?

Currently, you can listen for up to six sounds at the same time.