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Introducing the first multi-purpose smart home monitor that alerts you for any sounds at home, no matter where you are.

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Empowering Your Home with Cutting-Edge Sound Recognition Technology!

Get instant alerts for all sounds that matter to you at home using your Earzz Smart Home Monitor.

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How it works

1. Place your EARZZ

Place your EARZZ devices wherever you want to listen for specific non-speech sounds at home

2. Choose sounds you wish to get alerted for

Choose the sounds you want your EARZZ to listen for from an expansive catalogue of sounds on your EARZZ app

3. Get notified while at home and on the go

Get notifications on your connected devices when the sounds are heard by EARZZ

Keeps your conversations private

Earzz listens but does not eavesdrop. Our innovative AI listens and identifies sounds, not speech. So your conversations remain yours.

The smartest way to monitor your home

Use plugged in or unplugged

Rechargeable device with battery life of up to 8 hours

Connect one or more Earzz monitors to your Earzz app

Expansive and ever-growing sound list to choose from

Notifies on your connected Android and iOS smart devices

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To be aired on Bloomberg TV this autumn

Views of our product enthusiasts*

"The ability to hear everything that is going on in my home is amazing"

- Parent and pet owner

“Versatility. I can think of at least three things right away that I would use it for.”

- Parent from South East England

“It puts me in control of my entire household. I really like that”

- Parent from London

“Like that it does so many things in such a small box”

- Pet owner from South East England

“Like that it is discreet, multiple uses for varying scenarios and occasions”

- Pet owner from South East England
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*As per our market survey conducted in August 2021.

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