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Sound Matters.

Earzz Sound Selection Screen on Phone
White Earzz Monitor
White Earzz Monitor
White Earzz Monitor

Your AI-Powered alerting companion that listens for the sounds you want, especially when you can’t!

A listening ear, when you are not near!

Earzz is an all new AI-powered alerting solution that recognises and alerts you for important sounds, on your smartphone, tablet and even your watch! From health sounds like coughing, screaming, to alarms and even sounds of movement, Earzz alerts you for the sounds YOU choose!

How it works

Place your Earzz monitor

Black Earzz Monitor

Place your EARZZ monitor close to the sounds you wish to listen for
(away from water or moisture and other sources of loud noise such as TVs and speakers).

Choose your sounds

Earzz sound selection app screen

On your EARZZ app, choose up to 6 sounds that you want to get alerted for from the expansive sounds library.

Start getting alerts instantly

Get alerted on connected smartphones, tablets and watches when the chosen sounds are heard by EARZZ.

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Testimonial1: When your hearing gets worse, Earzz supports you in your daily life
Earzz alerts lady to door knock
Earzz iPhone notification screen
Earzz Sound Log screen on Samsung Galaxy phone
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Man gets alerted to appliance beep in the kitchen

How does Earzz work?

Is Earzz easy to install?

Yes, Earzz is designed for easy installation and can be set up in minutes using our step-by-step guide. Please go to

How do I customise my notification settings for my Earzz device?

Tap the "Edit device Settings" button to take you into device settings, and select the "edit notification preferences" option to configure the devices you wish to be notified on. You may also pause all notifications or delete devices you no longer wish to be notified on.

How many sounds can my Earzz device listen for?

Currently, you can listen for up to six sounds at the same time.