Earzz and Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD) Join Forces to Revolutionise Alerting Technology for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people

December 18, 2023

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Earzz, a pioneer in AI-powered alerting solutions, and the Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD), one of the UK's oldest and most established deaf charities, announce a strategic partnership to make innovative alerting technology for deaf and hard-of-hearing people more accessible.

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD), with a legacy spanning over 180 years, provides a future of opportunity, achievement and equality for deaf people, working in collaboration to innovate and deliver the services that deaf people want and need. By joining forces with RAD, Earzz reaffirms its dedication to supporting the deaf and hard of hearing people with technological solutions that transcend barriers and create tangible impacts on those of us who are deaf and hard of hearing. 

Significance of the Partnership

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Earzz, aligning seamlessly with RAD's mission to provide a future of opportunity, achievement and equality for deaf people. By leveraging Earzz's AI-powered sound recognition and alerting technology, RAD supports Earzz’s aim to introduce a revolutionary alerting solution tailored to the unique needs of deaf and hard of hearing people.

Earzz: A Pioneer in Alerting Solutions

Earzz has distinguished itself as a pioneer in alerting solutions, pioneering cost-effective and targeted alerting technology. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Earzz has continuously pushed the boundaries of traditional alerting systems, fostering safety and well-being for diverse communities.

Earzz's groundbreaking technology goes beyond traditional alerting devices, by combining cutting-edge proprietary sound-recognition AI technology with smart alerting capabilities to help deaf people recognise and get notified for a number of important sounds at home, adding independence and freedom to their daily lives. From doorbells to smoke alarms to knocks on the door, Earzz’s fully customisable alerting system notifies users on their phones, tablets and smartwatches for the sounds they choose, ensuring timely visual, auditory and vibration alerts for important sounds at home, wherever they are. Users can choose the sounds they wish to get alerted for from a variety of sounds like buzzers, appliance beeps, doorbells, dogs barking, baby cries, coughs or even snoring. It also recognises and alerts for safety-related sounds, such as fire alarms, glass breaks and burglar sirens, adding peace of mind.  

Earzz monitor and App screen showing sound selection

Our Collaboration

Paul Newbury, a profoundly deaf individual who independently tested the Earzz alerting system, expressed his gratitude for the partnership, stating, "What really struck me was when Earzz alerted me to the water running sounds in my kitchen even before my son informed me and the question from my son - "So, I don’t have to tell you anymore?!” Earzz's technology has given me more freedom and independence at home by alerting me to various sounds and through this collaboration, I am so pleased that more deaf people can benefit from this innovative solution.” 

CEO of Earzz, Pradyumna Thiruvenkatanathan, echoed Paul Newbury's sentiment, remarking, "We are incredibly honoured to collaborate with the Royal Association for Deaf people and to be part of such a transformative partnership. Earzz’s mission has always been to make sounds accessible to everyone. We want a world where anyone can listen for any sounds they wish, without needing to be physically present, irrespective of their hearing ability, and this collaboration brings us one step closer to achieving that goal."

Interim CEO of RAD, Andrew Dewey, remarked, "Earzz's innovative technology aligns perfectly with our goals of enhancing safety and well-being for deaf people, and we are thrilled about the positive impact this collaboration will have on our community."

About RAD: Advancing access for the Deaf community

Founded in 1841, The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) are one of the oldest charities working with deaf people in the UK. Celebrating deaf culture and community is an essential part of what RAD do. With deaf people, and in collaboration with others, RAD innovate and deliver services that deaf people want and need, providing a future of opportunity, achievement and equality for deaf people.

About Earzz: Pioneering AI-Powered Alerting Solutions

Earzz is a UK-based company specialising in AI-powered alerting solutions, prioritising safety and well-being. With a focus on innovation and inclusivity, Earzz continuously strives to develop cutting-edge alerting technology that transcends traditional boundaries and positively impacts diverse communities.

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