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We are surrounded at home by a world filled with sounds. A baby crying, a visitor knocking at the door or ringing the doorbell, the oven pinging, a fire alarm buzzing, the appliance beeping... These sounds form an important fabric of how we lead our lives at home, although they remain inaccessible for those of us with hearing loss.

Well, not any more. Say hello to EARZZ!

We are excited to collaborate with the Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) to make innovative alerting technology more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people, and empowering them to maintain independence in their daily lives.

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Because every sound matters

At Earzz, we are on a mission to make sounds accessible to everyone. We want a world where anyone can listen for any sounds they wish, without needing to be physically present.

Introducing Earzz Smart Home Alerting Assistant

Earzz is an all new AI-powered smart alerting monitor that listens, recognises and alerts you for the most important and convenient sounds at home. From doorbells to smoke alarms to knocks on the door, Earzz notifies you on your phones, tablets and smartwatches for the sounds you want, wherever you are. Earzz comes packed with features that makes a real difference in the daily lives for those of us with hearing loss.

Choose up to 6 sounds from over 20 of the most important and convenient sounds to get alerts for
Instant** auditory, visual and vibratory notifications on your iOS® / Android™ connected phones, tablets and watches
Fully customisable - choose the sounds you want and how you wish to be notified
With AI tech that learns and evolves
Discrete and elegant design
Earzz Monitor and mobile app screen
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How it works

Place your Earzz

Black Earzz Monitor

Place your EARZZ monitors close to the source of sounds you wish to get alerts for - e.g.: Close to the appliance to get alerted for Appliance Beeps.

Choose your sounds

Earzz sound selection app screen

On your EARZZ app, choose up to 6 sounds that you want your monitor to alert you for from an expansive and ever-growing library of sounds.

Get alerted wherever you are

Earzz doorbell notification on a smartwatch

Get alerted on your connected iOS & Android smartphones, tablets and watches when the sounds are heard by EARZZ.

Click the video below to view how Earzz works in BSL

An alerting solution unlike any other!


EARZZ Smart Monitor

Other Alerting Devices

Alerts for specific sounds
Alerts single and multiple sounds simultaneously
Depends on the system used - may require additional devices
Vibration, auditory and visual alerts for specific sounds
Alerts delivered to iOS & Android devices with no location restriction as standard -
No additional cost
Usually through transmitter / receiver pairs & within bluetooth range (location restricted)
Alerts delivered anywhere with a data connection iOS & Android phone, watch & tablet
Alerts delivered to iOS & Android devices with no location restriction as standard -
No additional cost
Depends on the system used - may require additional devices
Cutting-edge Sound recognition Al
Innovative AI technology that learns and improves based on your feedback
No sound recognition
Multi-sound alerting using a single monitor
Use the same Earzz monitor to listen for up to 6 sounds as standard
Needs multiple transmitter(s) - one for each sound event
Expansive catalogue of 20+ sounds to choose
Ever-growing catalogue of sounds to choose from to meet everyday needs
No customisation of sounds
Customisable sound selection capability
Change your sounds anytime through Earzz app (available on iOS / Android)
Preset transmitter and receiver technology based technology
Fully customisable notifications
Choose who, when and for which sounds you want to be notified
Limited / no customisation preferences
Smart home integrations
Use Earzz sound recognition for home automations (through IFTTT)
No smart home integrations
Choose a timed interval when you want to get notified for specific sounds
No customisation capability
Hearing aid compatibility - through IFTTT
Get voice announcements for sounds with IFTTT compatible hearing aids
No hearing aid compatibility
Future proof
Access to new sounds without needing to
upgrade monitor
New devices required for new features or upgrades

For Earzz club members at no additional cost.

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A solution designed with YOU at heart!

No more Night-time Anxiety

Rest assured knowing that your Earzz are listening for the sounds you want even while you are asleep without your hearing aid.

"I'm partially deaf and worry about certain situations when I'm asleep without my hearing aids"
Deaf lady sleeping peacefully
"I keep missing alerts as my alerting device needs me to be in the room where the light is flashing"
Kitchen Earzz alert to water running on smartwatch

No more missed sounds

Taking the bike for a spin? Cooking dinner? Tending to the garden? Earzz sends visual, auditory and vibration alerts on all your connected devices - phones, tablets and more importantly, to your smartwatches (iOS and Android) so you never miss a sound that matters, wherever you are.

No more single-use alerting devices

Listen for many sounds with ONE device. With Earzz, you choose the sounds you wish to listen for from an expansive and ever-growing catalogue and get instant alerts, all using the ONE device. We also keep adding sounds routinely to the catalogue and users get access to these at no additional cost.

“I want an alerting device that alerts me for all the sounds I want"
Earzz Sounds Library
Superhero kid wearing a hearing aid and a towel as a cape doing laundry

With Earzz, YOU are in control

You can not only choose the sounds you wish to get alerts for but also HOW and WHEN you get alerted - all within our easy to use and fully customisable Earzz app.

Keep track of all important sounds!

Earzz not only alerts you for important sounds at home, but also keeps record of all the sounds that matter to you. Simply tap on the 'sound log' section on the app to view historic records.

Black Earzz Trio monitors

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