Choose from an expansive catalogue of sounds

Simply place your Earzz where you wish to listen, choose the sounds from our expansive and ever-growing catalogue (currently hosting more than 15 sounds) in the Earzz app and get real time notifications on your connected watches, phones and tablets when the sounds are heard by your Earzz!

Earzz Alarms (beeps) icon

Alarms (Beeps)

Earzz alarms (bells) icons

Alarms (Bells)

Earzz appliance beep icon

Appliance Beep

Earzz baby cry icon

Baby Cry

Earzz buzzer icon


Earzz cat meow icon

Cat Meow

Cough Icon


Cough Icon


Earzz child sounds icon

Child Sounds

Digital Telephone

Earzz dog bark icon

Dog Bark

Earzz door bell icon

Door Bell

Glass Break


Earzz alarms (sirens) icon



Earzz kettle whistle icon

Kettle Whistle

Earzz knock icon


Earzz snoring icon


Earzz water running icon

Water Running

Most of life's essential sounds, one AI powered solution.

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Identify otherwise unseen signs and patterns through sounds

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Stay Connected

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Providing Peace of Mind, One Sound at a Time!

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Know when your furry friend is back, where ever you are!!!

Earzz alerts to a dog bark
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Use sound as triggers for smart home automation! Knock on the door? Turn on Porch Light !

Earzz Alerts for sounds in the kitchen

As Seen On

With Sound recognition AI that is designed to improve and evolve!

Earzz AI Algorithms recognise just sounds, NOT SPEECH.  Offering privacy and peace of mind. We also believe one size does not fit all, when it comes to sound recognition and no sound recognition AI can be perfectly accurate in every setting. Which is why Earzz comes with our patent pending sound recognition AI with purpose designed cloud infrastructure that is updated routinely based on your feedback - to get more accurate for your specific sounds at home.

Keep track of all the important sounds in app

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