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Falls among the elderly cause physical and emotional distress, pain, injury and loss of confidence but still remains one of the most frequently reported accidents amongst care home residents, especially during the night. The current practice of having staff physically check on residents’ multiple times a night can disrupt their sleep and potentially miss critical events that could indicate distress or lead to a fall.

Well, not anymore. Say hello to Earzz!

Acoustic Resident Monitoring Solution for
Immediate and Timely Care

Earzz is an all-new acoustic resident monitoring system for better night-time care. Earzz listens, recognises, and alerts staff to important sounds, helping them respond more quickly to a person in any sort of difficulty. Unlike existing acoustic solutions, Earzz recognises and alerts carers within seconds for specific sounds, helping:

Reduce chances of falls at night – by identifying and alerting carers to any movement noise (e.g., footsteps) and even thuds from falls
Proactive, Person-centred care – identifying sounds that represent signs of worsening health – e.g.: Coughing, screaming, snoring, gasping
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Reduce chances of falls for proactive care

Earzz comes packed with cutting edge AI that recognises and alerts carer(s) for specific sounds resulting from resident’s movement (e.g., footsteps) and even thuds from falls, helping reduce chances of falls especially during the night.

Keeps digital record of sounds that matter

Earzz also keeps digital records of all the sounds in each resident’s room helping carers identify root causes, easier staff handover and deliver proactive care.

Enables better person-centred care

Every monitor comes fully customisable. Carers can choose specific sounds that matter to each resident from an ever growing catalogue enabling truly person centred care.

Improves resident sleep cycles

Residents can sleep better as staff need to do far less checking in on residents

Facilitates faster response

Earzz sends alerts to carers within seconds of sounds being heard facilitating timely care.

Reduced costs

Earzz alerts staff to the most important sounds, improving efficiency and reducing costs of care homes

Who will benefit from Earzz?

Care home residents

Reduce chances of falls
Better person-centred care
Better sleep quality
Faster assistance when it matters most
Privacy protection by default

Care home staff

Instant alerts for sounds that matters especially at night**
Reduced frequency of checks on residents
More time for quality care
Digital record keeping for easier staff handover
Super easy to use app

Care home owners

Better quality of care
Improved efficiency
Reduced costs
Reduced chances of falls
Happier members of staff

How it works

Place the Earzz monitor

Place the EARZZ monitors in resident's room - with their consent - away from water or moisture and sources of loud noise such as TVs and speakers.

Choose your sounds

On the EARZZ app, Carer or Care Manager chooses sounds to get alerted for.

Alert carers instantly**

Auditory and visual alerts delivered within seconds to carer(s) when chosen sounds are heard by Earzz in the resident's room.

Remarkable features that transform care


EARZZ Smart Monitor

Sound recognition for specific sound alerting
Unlike existing acoustic solutions, Earzz recognises and alerts for specific sounds as configured by the carers in the Earzz app - reducing unnecessary alerts and enabling not just reactive, but proactive care.
Easy to install
Less than 5 mins to set up. All it needs is WiFi to set up and phone / tablet for carers to receive alerts.
Enables better night-time care
Recognises and alerts for sounds that help identify and reduce chances of falls:

- Movement (foot steps)
- Knocks

- Thuds 

Helps identify patterns of worsening health through sounds:
- Gasping - launching soon
- Coughing

- Screaming

- Snoring

Recognises and alerts for safety sounds:
- Alarms (smoke, sirens, bells)

- Glass break

- Buzzers

- Appliance beeps
In-App Carer Attendance
Carers can log when residents are being attended and when attendance is completed
Enables faster response
Alerts delivered to mobiles usually within 5 seconds - depending on network connection
Provides digital records of sounds in app
Earzz comes with sound logs that help keep track of all the sounds that matter in the app. 7 days of logging as standard
Facilitates proactive care
Sound logs functionality to identify trigger events of worsening health
- Worsening health (through measures of coughing, snoring, shouting, screams, thuds)
- Restless nights (through Earzz’s Audible Sounds Alerting functionality)
Respects resident privacy
Proprietary Earzz AI recognise just sounds, NOT SPEECH, does not store or relay audio.
Allows Notification control
Carer can choose sounds they want to be alerted for and how frequently they wish to be notified
Multi-carer alerting
Multi-device alerting for every monitor
Smart integrations to facilitate further independence for residents
Through IFTTT:
If Earzz detects claps in resident room —> Then switch ON the light
If Smoke Alarm sounds —> Then Turn light red
If Earzz detects coughing in resident room —> turn on heater to set point
If Earzz detects Buzzer at care home reception —> Then Turn On porch light
Feedback driven AI
Earzz comes with proprietary AI technology that evolves and learns based on user feedback. 
Future proof
Access to new sounds without needing to upgrade monitor
Choose a timed interval when you want to get notified for specific sounds
Low monthly cost
From £9.99/month/device - billed annually (ex VAT)

Requires a free or paid IFTTT account.

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Introducing: Earzz Management Dashboard

✓ View consolidated insights about resident care
✓ Review time to response and staff performance to improve efficiency
✓ Access health and well-being trends through sounds recognised by Earzz - such as coughing, screaming, gasping and even restlessness - helping proactive care planning and falls risk management

Know when carers attend to residents

Deaf lady sleeping peacefully

A first tap on the flag turns it orange, signifying that a carer is currently attending to the resident.

A second tap on the flag changes it to green, indicating that the resident has been attended to.

Keep track of all important sounds!

Earzz not only alerts you for important sounds at home, but also keeps record of all the sounds that matter to you. Simply tap on the 'sound log' section on the app to view historic records.

Black Earzz Trio monitors

We are excited to collaborate with the Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) to make innovative alerting technology more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people, and empowering them to maintain independence in their daily lives.

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