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Sounds play a very important role in care giving. Shouts, Coughs, Thuds / falls, screams and even unusual sounds of restlessness from vulnerable residents often help identify otherwise unseen signs and patterns in their health, enabling proactive and preventative actions. The traditional approach is for care workers to go into residents’ rooms several times during the night to check up on their condition. Not only does this disturb residents’ sleep, but it also risks missing sounds during the night that would trigger concern and action if a care worker had observed them.

Well, not anymore. Say hello to Earzz!

Keeping an ear out for sounds that matter

Earzz helps staff respond more quickly to a person in any sort of difficulty by listening, recognising and alerting carers to the sounds that matter.

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EARZZ: An AI-Powered Smart Alerting Assistant for Immediate and Timely Care

Earzz is an all new AI-powered smart alerting assistant that listens, recognises, and alerts staff to the most important sounds, helping staff respond more quickly to a person in any sort of difficulty. Earzz also alerts users to convenient sounds to help support individual (private) care givers. Earzz comes packed with features that we believe will truly help vulnerable people and those who care for them.

Choose from over 15 of the most important and convenient sounds (including coughing; screams, shouting amongst others)
Monitor unusual levels of restlessness at night (with audible sound alerting)
Instant** auditory, visual and vibratory notifications on your iOS® / Android™ connected phones, tablets and watches
Fully customisable - the staff can not only choose what sounds they want to get alerted for, but also how and when they wish to be notified
With AI tech that learns and evolves
Discrete and elegant design
Help family and loved ones stay connected through sounds with instant notifications delivered not just to carers but to loved ones as well for specific sounds
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How it works

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Install Earzz

Place your EARZZ devices in resident's room - with their consent - or wherever you want to listen for specific non-speech sounds indoors.

Earzz sound selection app screen

Choose your sounds

On the EARZZ app, Carer or Care Manager chooses sounds to get alerted for in the Earzz app.

Earzz doorbell notification on a smartwatch

Get Notified

Carer (and family members if chosen) receive notifications when those specific sounds are heard.

It's That Simple!

Less Disruption to Residents, More Quality Care

Earzz comes packed with Audible sound Alerting functionality that alerts you for audible sounds during residents’ sleep. This means staff need to do far less checking in on residents and can instead spend time on other activities

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Kitchen Earzz alert to water running on smartwatch

Offer 24x7 Connectivity with Loved Ones

With Earzz, loved ones can stay connected to residents through sounds. Earzz delivers instant** alerts for specific sounds directly to the smartphones and watches of loved ones so they can remain connected wherever they are in the world.

Identify otherwise unseen signs and patterns through sounds

Earzz sound logging functionality. Earzz keeps a record of the sounds within the sound log screen in app that carers, the residents and the loved ones can access:
Make proactive, preventative interventions by identifying otherwise unseen signs and patterns through sounds with

Worsening health (coughing)
Restless nights (Audible sounds alerting)
Earzz Sounds Library
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Offering much needed support without compromising resident privacy

Earzz's patent pending AI means, it is always listening for the sounds that matter AND NOT SPEECH, offering privacy and peace of mind. Earzz does not hold any audio recordings.

Night time Monitoring using Routines - Coming Soon

Reduce chances of falls especially at Night time with our audible sound monitoring and alerting feature that send an alert to care staff on a smartphone, watch or tablet. What’s more, these can be set to automatically activate at set times reducing distraction for the carers and more time for care.

Earzz Sounds Library

Because every sound and every minute matters when caring for the vulnerable

Available Now!

Identify otherwise unseen signs and patterns through sounds

Available Now!

Get alerted for any audible sounds at night with Audible sound monitoring

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Providing Peace of Mind One Sound at a Time!

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Helping carers spend more time caring

Discrete and non-intrusive design

Meticulously built to blend form and function, Earzz fits beautifully within your care home.

Black Earzz Trio monitors

Automations that help make life easier for residents and carers alike

Earzz can also integrate with other smart home devices through IFTTT to offer better convenience through automations.

If Earzz detects CLAPS in resident room →Then switch ON the Light
If Earzz detects ALARM SOUNDS → Then Turn light RED
If Earzz detects COUGH in resident room → Then turn ON heater to set point
If Earzz detects BUZZER at reception → Then Turn ON Porch Light
Black Earzz Trio monitors

...and with Cutting-edge AI that learns and evolves

Earzz AI feedback screen on mobile phone

Earzz comes with patent pending AI technology that learns and iterates based on the feedback to get more accurate within your home to detect specific sounds that are of interest to YOU.

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