EARZZ: An AI-Powered Resident Acoustic Monitoring Technology for Immediate and Timely Care

Earzz helps staff respond more quickly to a person in any sort of difficulty by listening, recognising and alerting carers to the sounds that matter. The carer can handpick up to six of the most significant sounds anytime, creating tailored notifications based on the needs of the resident.

Simple pricing that works for any scale!


/monitor / month
Cutting-edge sound recognition AI-powered alerting for better night time care
Fully customisable sound selection
Expansive catalogue of 20+ sounds to choose from
Customisable push notifications - Vibration, auditory and visual alerts to carers
Multi-carer alerting: Alerts delivered to up to 6 carers or service users per account
Access to new sounds without needing to upgrade monitors
In-app digital event records for easier staff handover
Alerts on iOS & Android connected phones, tabs, and smartwatches
Routine - Carers can set a time interval when they want to get alerted for specific sounds. Ideal for night time monitoring.
Filtered views of sound events - Ability to quickly view digital records of sounds events - per monitor
Movement noise detection - To identify and alert for restlessness in residents' rooms
Smart automations ( through IFTTT ) - e.g.: movement noise —> turn on light

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